Scene Background Modeling (SBMC2016)

04 Dic 2016
14:00 - 18:00
Hotel Krystal - Room Krystal II

Scene Background Modeling (SBMC2016)

The main objective of the 2016 IEEE Scene Background Modeling Contest (SBMC 2016) is to challenge research teams from around the world to test their scene background modeling algorithms on our 8 video categories dataset, namely:

  • Basic (16 basic videos),
  • Intermittent Motion (16 videos subject to “ghosting” artifacts),
  • Clutter (11 videos containing foreground moving objects occluding a large portion of the background),
  • Jitter (9 videos shot by a moving camera),
  • Illumination Changes (6 videos with strong illumination variations),
  • Background Motion (6 videos containing background motion),
  • Very Long (5 videos containing thousands of frames),
  • Very Short (10 videos of only few frames),

The videos have been selected to cover a wide range of scene background modeling challenges and are representative of typical visual data captured today in surveillance, smart environment, and video database scenarios. This dataset aims to provide a rigorous academic benchmarking facility for testing and validating existing and new algorithms for scene background modeling.

The best performing algorithms submitted to the contest will be invited for oral presentation. Papers will be published in the 2016 ICPR Contest Proceedings. All submissions that meet minimum standards will be reported in the dataset on-line and in an overview-paper associated with the contest. The contest will also include an invited talk.

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